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Қарағанды қаласы

Жауапкершілігі шектеулі серіктестігі «КарагандаТехноСервис»

100000 Қарағанды қаласы Пассажирская к-сi ү.12


Тел./факс: 8(7212)478055


Quality management system for works implementation is certified


СТ РК ИСО 9001-2009

Республика Казахстан

Город Караганда

Товарищество с ограниченной ответственностью «КарагандаТехноСервис»

100000г.Караганда ул. Пассажирская д.12


Тел./факс: 8(7212)478055


LLP "KaragandaTechnoService" was registered on June 11, 2006.

In November 2011, LLP KaragandaTechnoService was certified according to the quality management system and meets the requirements of СТ РК ИСО 9001-2009.

LLP "KaragandaTechnoService" provides an individual approach to each client, confidentiality, honesty and conscientiousness.

The company is sufficiently provided with the necessary software, as well as material and technical resources and guarantees the works qualified performance in the operational deadlines.

The company includes certified, licensed experts. The company monitors the constant qualification improvement of its specialists. Experts have all necessary knowledge and skills to conduct a full survey of industrial and civil facilities.

If you are interested in the price of building examination, then you can contact us. The price for examination is individual, depending on the subject of survey and in accordance to РДС РК 8.02-13-2003.

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