LLP “KARAGNDATECHNOSERVICE” provides the following services


Buildings and structures condition industrial safety expertise (industrial safety certificate KZ 46VEK00002717 dated by 16.02.2015, for works in the field of industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities of mining, metallurgical, power, mechanical engineering and construction industries, as well as at boiler houses, gas farms and lifting structures, automobile and railway transport enterprises)


Engineering networks, buildings and structures inspection (Accreditation certificate №00005 dated by March 30, 2016, for inspection works on technical inspection of buildings and structures reliability and stability for technically and technologically complex objects of the first and the second levels of responsibility)


Engineering networks, buildings and structures design with budget documentation preparation and passing the relevant expertise (license ГСЛ –КР No. 00460 dated by June 3, 2006 for category II design activities (technological design, engineering networks and systems design, projects’ sections design, architectural design for buildings and structures of the first or the second and the third levels of responsibility, construction design), state license No. 16018643 dated by December 6, 2016, for category I design activity (construction design, architectural design of buildings and structures for the first or the second and the third levels of responsibility, urban planning)).




The services listed above can be provided as a complex and include a full service of inspection and restoration works, namely


Inspection of building (construction) including expertise of industrial safety condition.


Major repair (reinforcement) project development including estimates with expertise.


Laboratory monitoring, author’s supervision of major repairs (reinforcement).


Limited-operational and pre-emergency structures instrumental monitoring before restoration works.




The comprehensive works performance is available due to LLP KaragandaTechnoService accredited testing center (certificate No. KZ.10.1644 dated by September 15, 2015), which includes three laboratories:


Construction monitoring laboratory – works on building materials and products testing


Nondestructive testing laboratory – equipment and materials control by non-destructive methods in the manufacture, installation, repair, reconstruction, and technical diagnostics.


Industrial safety laboratory provides services for certification of production facilities for working conditions in accordance with the current standards in the field of safety and labor protection.

(accreditation certificate No. 10.1644 dated by 15.09.2015, laboratory accreditation in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the GOST\ISO\IEC 17025-2009 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” requirements).